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12/05/04 - this is it
here it is folks! the day we've all been waiting for! finaly, today, the debut album from reuben is released!! i, personally, have been waiting more than two years for this day, and i'm sure there's many of you who have been waiting much longer - including the band! It looks like it's gonna be a corker of a record - you may have heard 'no one wins the war' on the latest rock sound mag cd - flaming amazing. anyway, enough of me rambling, new website still on its way (note the different layout between the home/news and rest of site?!). lets get this record!

reuben - 'racecar is racecar backwards'
released twenty first of june two thousand and four
on xtra mile recordings

wow. nearly a year since i have even had the chance to do anything with this site. i am so sorry everyone. anyway. hopefully you will have seen some of the new reuben sites out there on the web that kick serious ass, and make may lame atempt look very primitive. however, i hope to change this soon, and actually get round to doing some proper work on the site as it is long overdue. maybe it will be done to coincide with the release of the debut album 'racecare is racecar backwards' this june. i have my fingers crossed. buy the new single when its released on my 31st... 'freddy krueger' on xtramile recordings.

sorry about the lack of updates over the past four(!!) months, iv'e been really busy. i hope you all like the new look alphasignalseven.20m.com which is fully operational and only took me about two days to sort out. unfortunatley there are no live pics up at the moment, but i will have that sorted in a couple of days. until then, enjoy!

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