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guy - 15th november 2002
any exact dates set for the next tour?
we've just been announced as tour support for hell is for heroes at the end of november through till mid december. the dates are up on www.hellisforheroes.co.uk and should hopefully be posted up on the reuben live page soon! This should be a rocking tour! really happy to be playing with this band. they are rock mothers.

as far as our own headline tour is concerned in january, the dates are all coming together at the moment. i shouldn't give any away because they'll probably change and move around a bit... the live page on our website will be the first place to look though once dates are confirmed. until then we've got the hell is for heroes tour, and a special christmas show at the london garage with elviss on the 6th of december.

reuben : the album? any ideas for the name, serious or funny?
the album, this is a piece of work that cant be made until a suitable record deal is found. until then there's no real point in worrying about that stuff. i mean we have ideas of what the album should sound like and how it will flow, and a few inlay ideas but you cant really get too deep into it if the deal isn't there yet. serious, the band may have a light humorous side to it but really it's a serious outfit. we like our pop but we love our progressive darker side.

when is the new video out?
the new video, "lets stop hanging out" will be on tv by december time i believe, maybe early january. its generally a good idea not to take anything the drummer has to say into serious consideration, because they tend to find things out after they happen or if a fan tells them or something like that.

what is your nickname?
guzzer / wee man / little man / the small one / weegee / wigi / gee / guido

what has been your favourite highlight playing in reuben?
playing the london astoria and seeing scared of the police on tv for the very first time.

what is, in your opinion, the most fun reuben song to play?
hmm changes from time to time. at the moment it is "no one wins the war".

who has been the best band you have seen live this year?
muse - fantastic live sounds, brilliant overall shows... and british.

will you, hundred*reasons and vex red ever play the same night again, preferably in london?
it would be wicked to do a show with both those bands, but its probably quite far fetched now. But you never know.

what was it like to play at the astoria?
the astoria was a very special show to me. ive got a video of smashing pumpkins playing there in 1994 and i used to watch it all the time and think how happy i would be to be able to play on that stage. and so to have the privilege of actually carrying out that little dream is very important to me. the show would not have been so great without all that support from the crowd. they were amazing, and it's a great feeling to feed off the energy that comes from them.

thanks for the interview graham.

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