wow! some amazingly useless facts for you all!

reuben used to be called angel.

reuben have a total of four videos so far.
they are (in order):
wooden boy
scared of the police
stux [tell me it's allright]
let's stop hanging out

reuben was the name of the first friend jamie ever had. the song 'words from reuben' is named after him.

a reuben is a grilled sandwich which consists of the following ingredients: corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, rye bread, and what is best described as a thousand-island type "special sauce."

guy used to be in a band called dissent.

the wooden boy video was recorded at the aldershot west end centre (for the crowd bits) and the band's practise room (for the closeup bits)

the wooden boy video was recorded when the track was released on the fierce panda compilation 'mosh n go' in the hope it would be played on MTV2. it got sent off but was never shown.

the 'scared of the police' video was filmed at backline studions in guilford, where they used to practice.

the band currently practise in a little hut on a farm! (where vex red used to practise).

the band's original drummer was called jason.

the pilot ep was recorded at backline studios.

the extras in the 'stux' video were friends of the band. a couple of the people are in the band fluid drive. the first couple that come in to the house are jamie's mum and dad, and in the bit where the couple with small children come in the chap is the bands manager - barney.

if you write down all the highlighted letters inside the pilot ep cover you will find the following words:
'stick close to me and i will keep you safe
nothing is important to me anymore except for you
don't lie to me i think i've earned the truth
i am good'
these words come from 'shambles', the hidden track on the first 500 copies of the pilot ep.